Except its main activity "Zorya" company supports social initiatives actively and successfully realizes their projects in that sphere. Rural revival and development are top priorities.


27 August, 2016 all-Ukrainian festival of flax was held in the village Stremyhorod, Zhytomyr region.

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On September 5, 2015 the first Ukrainian flax festival took place in Stremygorod village, Korostensky district, Zhytomyr region. It was held on the initiative of the company, with the aim of reviving, popularizing and developing flax growing and of supporting cultural and intellectual heritage of our region.

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'Zorya' supports holding of the traditional holidays. The company initiates and finances them. The most significant holidays are 'Obzhynky' and 'Zazhynky'. They are traditional Ukrainian village holidays.
'Zazhynky' is celebrated on July, 21. It is Prokop the Reaper's holiday. On that day people go into the field to reap the first ears of wheat. July, 29, so called Afinogen's day, was also considered the beginning of the harvest-time because wheat ripened gradually. 'Zazhynky' started solemnly at dawn and was accompanied by a ritual.
'Obzhynky' is a ritual devoted to the end of the harvest-time. It is timed to the Christian Holiday called The Assumption which is celebrated on August, 15. It is also the day of Slav's folk calendar. The celebration of The Assumption includes holding of different rituals and having dinner.
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'Zorya's football team

'Zorya' company has the honour to support football and to contribute to the achievements of young sportsmen in the region. The village amateur football team has the same name 'Zorya'. The team has won a lot of competitions and climbed from outsiders of business league of Korostens'ky region to the top of the chart.
Their achievements really impress:
Fifth place in 2014 Fourth place in 2015
Every football match is a real weekly holiday which gathers all the villagers together who shout for their team.
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