The main product of "Zorya" company is flax. There are also other crops in the rotation such as millet, oats, rye, fennel, herbs and others.


is an ancient crop which has economic value and is the main raw material which is applied for production of technical oil and medicines. Its seeds contain 49% of oil which has a property to dry out very quickly, forming a special film which is very thin, shining and sleek.

The high-quality oil is used in many branches of industry. The listing is very long: automobile industry, shipbuilding, electrical industry, soap making, medicine. For example, in varnish and paint producing industry oil-bearing flax is used for production of paint for underwater work, varnish, enamel paint, drying oil.

Ancient tribes of Slavs produced yarn of high quality and oil from flax. Oil-bearing flax was widely used by Transcaucasian countries, India, China and Egypt three or four thousand years before AD. As for Ukraine flax was known here before the appearance of Kievan Rus.

It should be mentioned that large territories of land were sown with flax in many regions of Ukraine in the 1950s of the last century. Though, in view of its short duration and transfer of the crop to Kazakh virgin lands, the flax growing programme was stopped in Ukraine in 1955. Nowadays "Zorya" company restores flax growing traditions in the north region of Ukraine.

Today sowing and export indices of flax are growing every year. It is explained by the fact that flax is a valuable medical and food product. That is why the main purchasers of oil-bearing flax in Ukraine are companies which produce medicines and accessory food substances.