The First Ukrainian Flax Festival

On September,5 the first regional flax festival took place in Stremygorod village, Korosten district, Zhytomyr region.

The event was held on the basis of the agricultural company ‘Zoria’, which is one of the biggest enterprises in the region engaged in growing of this extremely valuable plant.

The flax festival is a social project targeted at revival of this historic Ukrainian crop, its cultivating and processing. Business should be built on the joint values and create added value guaranteeing wellbeing of the people.

With these words Irina Kostuishko opened the event. She emphasized the importance of flax production, told about the fields of its usage, laid stress on necessity to support those agrarians who continue and preserve the culture of flax growing.

Numerous activities conducted during the festival were aimed at popularization of technical, ecological, medical and food properties of flax.

At the scientific conference arranged for the specialist in flax growing, flax processing and flax sale as well as for the representatives of the local authority, the flax market of Ukraine was discussed in general. Besides, they also discussed production prospects of this crop in Zhytomyr region and the main reasons which prevent this segment from growing in our country.

The scientific – historical exposition which was devoted to flax growing industry gave a possibility to the guests and organizers of the event to be carried away a hundred years back and to see how our great-grandmothers wove linen, strips of carpet and towels on a loom. The demonstration of clothes made of flax was a logical addition to the exposition. This exiting showing had been prepared by the students and teachers of Kyiv vocational training school of technology and clothes design. Everybody could buy an embroidered shirt or dress.

A selling exhibition of flax oil, medicines and cosmetics made on the basis of flax was also represented at the festival. All these products are produced by the enterprises ‘Lintex’ (Kyiv City), ‘Liktravy’ (Zhytomyr City), ‘Perlyna Polissia’ (Zhytomyr City), ‘Zoria’ (Korosten Region). There was also a selling exhibition of honey ‘A Beekeeper from Stremygorod’. The ones who like sweet could try pancakes with flax.

Masterclasses given by works of arts and crafts masters and exhibitions of their works also took place during the festival. Besides, amateur ensembles from Korosten district and the region performed at the event. Both People’s Artists of Ukraine Yurii Grabovs’ky and Anatolii Govoradlo and song and dance ensemble ‘Lionok’ made the guests of the festival glad with their extraordinary skill and talent. The audience was sitting on the bales of flax.

Serhy Mashkovsky, the head of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration, also congratulated the countrymen on this significant occasion.

I’m very glad that this festival is taking place exactly in Zhytomyrska region. At one time flax production was one of the most developed industries here. Demand for flax seeds is growing all over the world and the sphere of its usage is increasing. That’s why we should pay considerable attention to revival of this industry.

He thanked the head of the enterprise Irina Kostiushko for her considerable contribution into the development of agriculture. The first Ukrainian festival of flax was not only an entertaining and strategic event. This significant occasion gave a wonderful cause for celebrating and awarding presents and diplomas distinguished veterans of flax industry of Zhytomyr region, who devoted their lives to exactly flax production and trade.

Iryna Kostiushko’s family’s grandmother, Anna Stepanivna, is among such veterans. She is very pleased with the fact that her offsprings continue the family tradition. ‘Our grandmother may not like that I don’t wear a kerchief and sometimes put on trousers but she probably likes the fact that I continue doing her job, that we put our soul and work into flax production together with her.’ – said Irina Kostiushko. The head of the enterprise was awarded a diploma for her high professionalism and considerable contribution into development of agriculture by Serhy Mashkovsky.

The first Ukrainian flax festival presented a lot of emotions, impressions and knowledge. The guests didn’t want to leave and the event continued till the very end, despite the rainy weather and autumn cold.

‘This isn’t the last festival’ – promised Irina Kostiushko.

The Festival Events: