Ukrainian festival of flax 2016

Summer on Polisya finished with all-Ukrainian festival of flax, a large-scale event in Korosten district. It was held on 27 August in the village Stremyhorod and brought together more than 5,000 guests from all over Ukraine.

The main sponsor of the event PLAE (Private-Leased Agricultural Enterprise )"Zorya". The owner of the company Irina Kostuishko is the ideologist and organizer of the festival.

"I was glad to see at our celebration people, whose roots are related to flax cultivation. We know that flax is a special culture. Flax serves people 100 percent. When I think about it, I ask myself: “Am I ready to serve my country, my community, my team, my family 100 percent?" And I answer: “Yes"

The aim of the Festival is to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to Ukrainian culture and to revive the tradition of flax cultivation in Ukraine.

Flax festival 2016 - is the event after which Ukrainian flax must again begin to warm the soul, beautify the body and fill the treasury.

Representatives of the government and the agricultural sector from all over Ukraine accepted the invitation of Irina Kostuishko.

The festival was also visited by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine with the family and the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

There was a scientific forum dedicated to the revival of flax cultivation in Ukraine. After all, Mrs Iryna believes that farmers who are engaged in the cultivation of flax can increase revenue without additional costs. The result is the creation of new jobs in rural areas. This means that the village has all the chances to revive. This is the most important and most difficult task that Irina Kostiushko set for herself.

Why flax?

"Return flax – revive the village" - the motto of the day for Mrs. Kostiushko.

Flax has been grown in Ukraine since ancient times, especially in Polisya, because it is a valuable medicinal and food product. Flax is widely used in the textile industry, as well as medical, cosmetics and food industries. However, during the last 15 years there was a decline in its cultivation and it almost disappeared. In the 90s, Zhytomyr region was one of the leaders in Ukraine in cultivation of this crop. Unfortunately, there is a little chance to see the cyan-blue field of flax in Polisya today. However, the agricultural company Zorya, led by Irina Kostiushko successfully restores the tradition of flax cultivation in Zhytomyr region.

This crop is a niche one for our region; it doesn’t drain out the soils and is in demand all over the world. And I would love to return to flax its undeservedly forgotten glory, and make it the hallmark of our glorious Zhytomyr region

- said Irina Kostuishko.

Festival of Flax has been held for the second consecutive year in Ukraine. I want to note that this year the event had a nationwide format. Visitors could see a special theatrical performance staged by Zhytomyr academic Ukrainian music and drama theater by I. Kocherga, a spectacular show by the trick-equestrian theater and a gala concert of music bands. The Ukrainians came with their families and participated in various master classes, toured the exhibition of rural communities and tasted their dishes.

Designer show of linen clothing from Oksana Polonets didn’t left any fashionable woman indifferent. Children got unforgettable impressions from games and competitions with funny entertainers.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the festival was masterfully embroidered "Kobzar” - portrait of T. Shevchenko , brought from Ostrog Museum. We could not also leave without attention a 9-meter skillfully embroidered "Rushnyk of national unity".